An appeal from Sittwe ghetto to World democratic leaders

by Aung Aung

Honorable World leaders Attention please !!

In this modern world, human beings are the most precious and important living beings. Because of human beings everything has become valuable and exists. Democracy declares respect for human rights. But why do Hitler-like criminals still have the right to kill unarmed and innocent people as cattle? Is there no law in the world to take action against such inhumane crime? How can Rohingya Genocide actively in process? Are world leaders incapable of taking action against modern Hitlers like Myanmar generals and Chinese President Xi ?

I have pleaded to the world leaders thousands of times since 2012 to save us and to restore our rights as they enjoy. In 2012, our homes were burnt down and we have been being kept in Nazi-like ghettos. Thousands of Rohingya were killed in 2016-2017 as world leaders failed to end genocidal operations of Myanmar Hitlers against innocent Rohingya public.

Ignoring world leaders” condemnation the Burmese Hitlers massacred Rohingya again and again. Many Rohingya women were raped. Many children were burned alive. In addition, one million Rohingya were expelled to Bangladesh.

World leaders have called for the survival of the Rohingya in ghettos and have not taken concrete action against the genocidal operation against Rohingya. So the Burmese Hitlers have now launched a military coup to carry out another genocidal operation. China was directly involved in the Rohingya genocide to complete Golden Gas Project in KyaukPyu of Arakan Myanmar.

Rohingya genocide is committed to protect Rakhine rejection of Chinese Golden Gas Project. After the massacre of Rohingya it was propagated as communal conflicts. Now modern Hitler Min Aung Hlaing and China-back Arakan Army agreed in a military coup to protect Chinese profits in Rakhine and plotting to kill more Rohingya. Dr. Aye Maung, who called for Israel-like persecution and drive all Rohingya to a third country in 2012 was released yesterday. As soon as Dr. Aye Maung, leader of Arakan Front Party came out of the prison appreciated General Min Aung Hlaing on 12 February 2021.

In June 2012, cutting up electricity at night, militants led by Dr. Aye Maung and Myanmar security forces burnt down our houses and killed 1000s of Rohingya. During the Rohingya massacre and genocidal operations we had no electricity and no internet. That is the reason we could not collect much evidence. All Burmese media propagated that Bengali terrorists were carrying terrorist attacks in Rakhine State. In 2016 and 2017, Rohingya were massacred in the name of clearance operations against ARSA which was formed by the Burmese military.

The coup leader Burmese Hitler, Min Aung Hlaing, the Arakan Army and Chinese President Xi will create another nationwide violence. Burmese Hitlers and Nazi Rakhine not only persecuted the Rohingya but also propagated against Rohingya from 1960 to the present time. As a result, most of the Buddhist majority in Burma were deceived by wrong messages to see Rohingya their main enemy.

Another massacre of Rohingya is being planned by Min Aung Hlaing and Rakhine extremists now. Will the World’s democratic leaders take action against Mr. Xi and the Burmese Hitlers after the deaths of all Rohingya and all Uyghurs?

If democratic leaders of the World really respect human right they would end Rohingya Genocide, Uyghur Genocide and help for democratization in Myanmar.

Looking forward to restore human rights in Myanmar
Thank you very much

Aung Aung (Sittwe)
Victim of Genocide
Concentration Camp of Sittwe, Myanmar

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