An appeal to every American and every Chinese citizen

by Aung Aung

We are Rohingya, genocide victims of Burmese generals, currently live in the ghettos of Sittwe, Arakan State of Myanmar. We would like to appeal all American and Chinese citizens to take action against Hitler-like generals of Myanmar and President of China for committing genocide and crimes against humanity.

The United States is one of the World’s leading democracies, but every American who pays taxes to the US government in accordance with democratic standards has a major American power. Similarly, every Chinese citizen is the original owner of China. At this modern time when the World is emphasizing on human rights, the Chinese President is undermining the entire Chinese nation on the World Stage through his inhumane acts. The worst things that Chinese President Xi Jinping commits are:

(1) Directly involved in Rohingya Genocide by supporting Burma’s military leader in obtaining natural gas from Burma

(2) Helping Burma’s military leaders who are brutally killing the people of Burma

(3) Committing Uyghur genocide in China

(4) Deliberately spread the Coronavirus throughout the World that caused the death of millions of lives on Earth

Therefore, we appeal to every American and every Chinese citizen to take action against Chinese President and the Burmese military leaders for openly committing Rohingya Genocide and crimes against humanity. As every German had to pay for Hitler’s actions, every Chinese citizen will soon have to pay for the their President’s actions.

In his historic speech of Yangon, in 2012; the former US President Barack Obama said “The Rohingya hold within themselves the same dignity as you do, and I do”. But we are still in the ghetto and feel no human dignity. Every July 4th Americans around the World reflect with gratitude on the Declaration of Independence of their great nation. July 4, 1776 marked the beginning of an ongoing journey toward life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Since two hundred and forty five years ago, Americans have felt fruits of democracy and human dignity.

Literally dignity, denotes honor, high esteem, and high rank, a state of being, worth to get a position, nobility, class, quality, self-control, loftiness or distinction. Technically, it is a degree of worthiness and quality of being worthy of esteem or honor that as well covers loftiness of appearance and stateliness. On the other hand, dignity is a calm and serious manner in which a person deserves respect. It is the fact of being given honour and respect, by people which has a sense of a person’s own importance and value.

According to John Amodeo, true dignity allows for generosity towards others. Pride is a commodity that we heard for ourselves. Dignity contains a humility and gratitude that invites people towards us to the extent that we recognize that we are all in it together.

In this 21st century, every human being must have Right to Life, Equality, Freedom of Belief, Right to Shelter, Security, Right to Basic Needs, Right to Justice, Right to Property, Right to Peace Making, Right to Participate in Public Affairs, Right to Association, Right to Struggle for Just Social Order, Right to Personal Responsibility, Right to Rejection of Racism and Ethnic Discrimination, Right to inheritance for both Women and Men. All human beings are free and equal, No discrimination, No slavery, No torture and inhuman treatment in 21st century. Same right to use law and Equal before the law.

How can Chinese citizens allow their President to commit Genocide and crime against humanity? Every Chinese tax payer of China is responsible to stop inhumane acts of their President, Mr. Xi Jinping. After the coup in Myanmar, when there is no international flight, every night, unregistered flights between Yangon and Kunming have been transporting unknown goods and personnel from China to Myanmar. The Chinese government and Myanmar Airways have claimed the planes were carrying seafood exports. In reality, President Xi is directing and fully supporting Myanmar general Min Aung Hlaing to murder peaceful protesters at day and night.

Last year, the International Court of Justice ordered Myanmar to ‘take all measures within its power to prevent the commission’ of acts of genocide, particularly against its Rohingya minority population. Whenever international community tries to take action against Burmese generals, China uses its Veto power in UNSC to stop international body. Chinese President has urged Myanmar generals to stage mass killing of Rohingya and Burmese Muslims in the name of communal violence to please Rakhine ethnic who oppose Chinese Golden Gas Project in KyaukPyu of Arakan State, Myanmar and to remove Muslim civilians for the installation of gas pipeline in their area, in 2012-2013. And again in 2016-17, to gain titanium and build Chinese industrial zones in Rohingya areas of Rathedaung, Buthidaung and Maungdaw, Chinese President Xi advised General Min Aung Hlaing of Myanmar to eliminate the whole Rohingya population and clear the lands. Myanmar forcibly drove nearly one million Rohingya to neighboring country, Bangladesh after inhumanely massacring thousands of Rohingya including babies.

A United Nations team of investigators on Myanmar appealed on 17th March, 2021, for people to collect and preserve documentary evidence of crimes ordered by the military since the military coup of 1st February, 2021, in order to build future cases against its leaders. More than 200 peaceful protesters have been killed violently and more than 2000 innocent people including leaders, parliament members, doctors, engineers and students were arrested by military junta since the coup.

Though the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which is a milestone document in the history of human rights was published on 10th of December, 1948, we are still in genocidal ghetto right now without having any fundamental human rights and 54 millions of Myanmar people are in danger right now because of nationwide atrocities committing both General Min Aung Hlaing and Chinese President Xi.

In the modern era, the constitution, charters and legal framework of most international organizations (WHO, WTO, FAO) provide for international legal mechanisms in forging consensus on a range of issues overtly or covertly related to transboundary spread of communicable diseases. But Chinese President Xi Jinping deliberately spread the Coronavirus throughout the World especially to the democratic countries to make China the sole Super Power.

Every Chinese citizen should know result of Hitler’s eagerness for the power and every American citizen should listen voice of Rohingya and Myanmar people fight for democracy right now. We need your solidarity to establish justice and build a federal democratic Burma.

Thank you

Aung Aung (Sittwe)

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