An open letter from a genocide victim in the ghetto of Sittwe to US President Joe Biden

by Aung Aung

Honorable President!

We have been in the ghetto since 2012, when the State sponsored genocidal violence against us took place in Arakan of Burma in which security forces, police force and Rakhine extremists burnt down our homes, killed hundreds of innocent Rohingya and kept us in the ghettos, Burmese government named it communal violence. In reality, it was a systematic genocidal attack to complete Golden Gas Project of China that was opposed by the Rakhine students.

The violence was organized by the State to divert attention of protesting Anti-Gas-Project. I wrote an open letter to former President before he visited to Burma. In his historic speech of Yangon in 2012, the voice of former US President Barack Obama who said “There is no excuse for violence against innocent people, and the Rohingya hold within themselves the same dignity as you do, and I do” still re-eco in our ears. But we are still in the ghetto and feel no human dignity. Massacring 1000s of Rohingya civilians and expelled almost a million Rohingya to Bangladesh in 2017. China back Burmese military not only ignored the US but also showed the World that they do not care anyone on Earth. Though Rohingya Genocide actually took place in Burma we do not understand why does US fail to speak out about Rohingya Genocide. It was worse than Bosnian issue in which US bravely stranded for the truth.

But we are still in the ghetto and feel no human dignity. Massacring 1000s of Rohingya civilians and expelled almost a million Rohingya to Bangladesh in 2017,

Honorable President Joe Biden! Your sincere voice “The international community should come together in one voice to press the Burmese military to immediately relinquish the power they have seized, release the activists and officials they have detained, lift all telecommunications restrictions, and refrain from violence against civilians” flourish a hope of freedom in our hearts from the genocidal ghettos.

As usual, China showed green light to General Min Aung Hlaing for military coup of 1st February 2021. This time Arakan Army of Rakhine which has been fighting against Burmese army now cooperates with military junta under the supervision of China. According to Rakhine sources, China has promised confederation for AA that is another horrible threat for Rohingya live in the ghettos. Armed forces of AA extort money from Rohingya in Kyauktaw, Minbya Rathedaung and Buthidaung as a tribute for AA. More than 240,000 internally displaced Rohingya are still in the concentration camps of Rakhine State.

UN special envoy Christine Schraner Burgener is not allowed to visit Burma. China and Russia are supporting a mafia-like military junta which has been continuously killing, torturing, arbitrarily arresting unarmed peaceful protesters, human rights activists, politicians, businessmen, doctors, teachers, government servants and innocent civilians since 1st February 2021.

Honorable President! We send our condolences to families of those who lost their loved one because of covid-19 in USA, as well as all over the World. China used latest brutality against mankind by spreading the virus on purpose. Chinese stand for the Burmese mafia-like generals who have no mercy for their own people has proved that China cares no human rights at all. The most dangerous ideology is being implemented by China to be a World’s Superpower. Besides, Uyghur Genocide is taking place in China.

The Quran tells us that saving a human being is equal to saving the whole mankind. In this regards, we do not know the actual result of saving 54 million including Rohingya of Burma. We see US and most of the democratic countries stand for us.

CRPH (Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw) has announced that military junta is a terror group and CRPH presents as an acting government of Burma. It also chose a new vice president, U Mahn Win Khaing Than to govern the public. We are afraid that Burma will be the second Syria heading to civil war. There are many ethnic armed groups such as Wa and AA are under Chinese control. Condemning and urging to military junta through diplomatic way will never result a democratic Burma. If there is no international humanitarian intervention or mechanism of Rights to Protect, Rohingya Genocide never ends and Burma can be bloody killing field of innocent civilians.

Thank you very much

Yours sincerely,
Aung Aung (Sittwe)

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