Pro-junta media of Myanmar Eleven’s intend to continue Rohingya Genocide

by Aung Aung

Eleven Media is the walking stick of military leaders. It is the media that intentionally spreads propaganda against Rohingya and Muslims supporting policy of military leader in Myanmar after gaining public support by covering sports posts. It was the top media outlet that has been propagating against Muslims. During 2012 Rakhine violence when Rakhine extremists and security forces were slaughtering Rohingya, Eleven which was with them spread Bengali terrorist create violence in Rakhine. Again in 2013 Meiktila massacre. It spread propaganda blaming Muslim terrorists.

It was the first media attacked Rangoon division Prime Minister Phyo Min Thein of NLD alleged corruption. Eleven always stand with military junta and during the spring revolution, it indirectly works for State Administration Council. When prime minister Phyo Min Thein used the term Rohingya, Eleven strongly attacked him for the use of the Rohingya. Now again when Dr. Sasa used the term Rohingya. Yesterday 1000s of Rohingya refugee lost their shelters and nearly a dozen lost their lives but Eleven used the term Bengalis for Rohingya to attack Dr. Sasa CRPH and Rohingya openly.

Though Eleven media knows sympathy of international community towards Rohingyas’ lost in refugee camps of Bangladesh, Eleven media wrote “A fire at a Bengali refugee camp in Bangladesh has destroyed more than 700 tents and killed three people. Hundreds of homes were gutted in a massive fire on March 22 in a Bengali refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, southern Bangladesh, officials said.”

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Eleven media must be prosecuted for its crime against humanity. As a pro-junta media, Eleven Broadcasting has been consistently mobilizing to eliminate Rohingya from Myanmar.

We Rohingya victims in the ghettos of Arakan State of Myanmar kindly and humbly appeal to Facebook Twitter, Youtube and other social media to remove Eleven Media Group from social platform in order to save lives of Rohingya.

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