Rohingya in Punnakyun of Rakhine State is under deadly threat

by Aung Aung

Sidirkul a Rohingya village of Punnakyun is the only Rohingya village remained safe in the township of Punnakyun. Rakhine State after 2012 State terror attack against nationwide Rohingya. With the help of INGOs Rohingya villagers in Sidirkul survive up to now. After the military coup of 1st February 2021, the villagers cannot go for fishing and no one come to help. Nearly 400 families are in dire situation.

On 23rd February 2021, Township Administrator of Punnakyun issued an statement that illegal Bengali came into the villages. Soon on 25th of February, Police Officers from Township Administration Office and Immigration came into the village inquired illegal persons. Actually no villager can go out of the village and stranger can come into the village without permission of security force. Issuing statement illegal intruders is a threat for another deadly attack of township administration of Punnakyun. Recently Dr. Aye Maung ex-chairperson of ANP party said in a rally held in Taungup that Bengalis are danger for them referring Rohingya community in Rakhine State said a Rakhine fisherman.

Statement Township Administration to wipe out illegal Bengali immigrants into Punnakyun Township of Rakhine State.

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