Will the World lets Min Aung Hlaing to destroy the UN Charter?

by Aung Aung

To protect the people of the World from the dangers of Hitler and Fascism, the United Nations was formed after World War II to maintain World peace and stability. But in the 21st century, the works of the UN becomes meaningless and as senseless because of the veto power holders in UN: China and Russia. As a Genocide victim, and I am not a politician. For me, it can be concluded that the principles in the Charter cannot be implemented properly because China and Russia.

It fails to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms mentioned in the Charter for the member States and adhere to the Charter. It has a responsibility to cooperate with the UN Security Council to use peaceful means to resolve conflicts and Crimes against humanity. Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court should take action against genocidaires and supporters of them.

In Article 7, it calls for prosecution for crimes against humanity and genocide. The purpose of this provision is to take action against any civilian population that is known to be involved in an attack on a large-scale or systematic attack. Violating the fundamental principles of international law, Burmese military leaders have been targeting Rohingya for mass murder, mass arson, constitutional genocide, slavery, forced disappearance, forced relocation, arbitrarily imprisonment serious violations of physical and liberty: torture, rape. Rohingya genocide was systematically carried out by Burmese generals whom have been directly supporting by China, a veto power holder in UN.

President Xi of China directly involves in Rohingya Genocide and military coup of 1st February 2021. Discrimination on the basis of race or religion and other atrocities against Rohingya have been committed by these military leaders. Every member of the UN knows regarding Rohingya issue. However, the UN was unable to punish the perpetrators of the genocide.

Burma’s military leaders continue to commit crimes against humanity due to the lack of prosecution.

Democratically elected leaders and most of the elected members of parliaments have detained and imprisoned by General Min Aung Hlaing. Military junta treats peaceful protesters who reject the coup as if they declare war on them. Arbitrary arrest and torture of peaceful protesters. Arsonning of civilian area and murder of security forces are continuously going on under the command of Min Aung Hlaing since the 1st day of the coup d’état February 1, to right now.

Inhumane acts of security forces such as looting of public properties and killing becomes a norm for the military junta which is unexplainable. Media are also targeted by them. China concerns the burning of two Chinese-owned factories, but it does not care for the murder of nearly 200 peaceful civilians. China directly supports Burmese military leaders, who are openly committing atrocities and violating the principles of the UN Charter.

The Charter, which consisted of a preamble and 19 chapters divided into 111 articles, called for the U.N. to maintain international peace and security, promote social progress and better standards of life, strengthen international law, and promote the expansion of human rights now fails to end Rohingya Genocide and to stop atrocities of Burmese Generals against civilians and maintain peace in Myanmar.

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